Latvian tire management association

The Latvian Tire Management Association is a non-governmental organisation that unites tire importers, managers and processors, whose goal is to act as a partner to the state in order to achieve a responsible tire import and management system, in the result of which the tire waste is collected and recycled and the secondary raw materials produced from the tire waste are used in the national economy.

  • 35%

    amount of the imported not collected and recycled every year

  • 80%

    of the total amount of collected tires should be recycled

  • 15-30%

    amount of “grey market” in the import of tires

  • >47 K

    historically accumulated end of life tyres that are not recycled

  • Cooperation

    Improve regulatory framework in Latvia establishing cooperation with public authorities, national and international partners.

  • Sustainable development

    Create and develop sustainable tire management system in Latvia, at the same time raise public awareness about this issue.

  • Expertise

    Based on the expertise and know-how of the members of association, promote implementation of projects and initiatives directed towards development of transparent and efficient tire management system.